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While everything here is great advice and information it must be noted that nothing here is guaranteed and undebatable. Almost everything here is an opinion or idea, not a fact, as such may be wrong or there may be better advice elsewhere. For almost all posts real life examples and experiences are used as a basis for for what is written however other people may have different experiences in the same situation.

As a company we always try and learn from our mistakes and constantly change how we operate, but we also make new mistakes like every company. Everything is done to limit these mistakes but it is impossible to never make mistakes and these posts are an attempt by us to help others at not making these mistakes. The articles we post are our perceived means on how to prevent the mistakes made from being repeated, however someone else might have a different idea on how to prevent the same mistake.

This article is not meant to dissuade anyone from reading our posts but merely to point out that we accept we may be wrong at times. Any reader of our articles should always realize there are multiple points of views and opinions on how to accomplish anything or the means to complete a task. To end this, maybe we are right any maybe we are wrong but their is a foundation for our articles and experience in what we write so if you must put faith in what any one says make sure they have solid foundation for theirs.

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