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RED TENTACLE: A Music Solutions Company
Media Relations & Publicity | Artist Development & Management
Event Coordination & Concert Promotion | Branding & Merchandise Solutions

Red Tentacle Music Solutions was established from a vision by
musicpreneurs Josh Hogan and Hassan King to help independent musicians and music businesses. Their tireless pursuit of passion and love for music combined with the overwhelming fear of being trapped in a soul-sucking corporate cubicle for the remainder of their lives helped ignite a motivational fire in these two like minded individuals.

Expanding on the groundwork laid by Hogan Media Relations and coupled with the knowledge of years of industry experience with his record label Diminished Fifth, Hogan has long been striving to establish a name for his artists in the Canadian music scene. Likewise, his partner in crime, King brings forth over a year and a half of experience doing publicity on the frontlines of Hogan Media Relations as well as a fresh music business degree from NSCC. The pair has combined their nerd-brains in an experiment of musical independence.

Red Tentacle is a multi-facet music solutions company offering a variety of services for independent artists and music industry professionals. Founded in the shifting age of the digital music revolution, Red Tentacle was not only built on adaptation but created because of it.

Our mission is simple: Help the artist achieve musical independence. By encompassing a vast array of services Red Tentacle can free up more time for musicians to do what they do best… create art.

For more information please visit:

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  1. June 7, 2012 6:51 AM

    I love this! let’s be in touch

    Darrell Shelley
    Editor In Chief
    THE SCENE Magazine
    231 Wallace Ave.
    Toronto ON
    M6H 1V5

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