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Broadening Your Market

March 11, 2014

As an artist having your music in a variety of places can be important in making sure that you reach a large and diverse fanbase outside of your preexisting one. Much like how fans have preferences in music they also have preferences on businesses and marketplaces they buy their music from.

To a lot of people having physical albums to sell your music on might seem like a waste and an extra expense but there are still plenty of fans who only like to own physical albums. For some fans it is just a preference for others it is a preference of giving the money directly to a band, face to face, while for others they like the more traditional sound of things like Vinyl.

Ensuring that you have your music for sale on a variety of websites is necessary to ensure you can gain the maximum number of sales possible. People may not like certain websites for a plethora of reasons from the format the songs are available in to DRM restrictions to a dislike of a business/websites practices. Allowing people to chooses where they can buy your music from will help prevent them from being forced into an unfortunate situation of wanting your music but being at a dilemma of not wanting to give a business they dislike their money.

Much like only playing your music in market prevents it from spreading and your fanbase from growing keeping your music limited to one website will also prevent it from increasing sales and garnering you new fans.


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