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Generating Buzz

January 28, 2014

I have some bad news for you – very few people care that you’re releasing a new album, going on some little tour, or doing a new music video. Sure your core fans are tickled pink at the prospect of you doing one or all of these things but the average media outlet, music fan, or industry professional really couldn’t give a shit.

There are a few reasons for this: one is that this is all pretty standard fare for all performing musicians, and two (and perhaps most damaging) is that you aren’t giving them a reason to care. Creating genuine buzz or becoming a buzz band is often more calculated than many people would presume. At the very core there has to be a great work of music that is being shared but outside of having worthwhile content there are things you can do to make your band’s events more buzz-worthy.

#1. Tell A Story

People will always gravitate towards a good story, especially if told by a good story-teller.

#2. Engage Your Fans

Leveraging your fan base is one of the best ways to gain real buzz. Finding ways to make them feel included in your story is key to building a strong and lasting fan base.

#3. Use The Element Of Surprise

Most people are sick of hearing bands say things like “We have some big news coming soon”. In addition to raising the bar too high, this causes a boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome. Forget the tease (unless you know it’s actually big news) and just go for the sucker punch.

#4. Do Something Different

While it has pretty much all been done before, if you look hard enough and get creative you will see that there are still unique ways to reinvent the proverbial wheel.


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