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Outside Advertising

January 7, 2014

Often a band will look to other bands for inspiration or advice on how to advertise their new album, social media or other relevant materials and while this is a a generally  good thing to do looking outside of music can be a great place for new ideas. Other forms of art and industry can often times have easily applied methods and ideas to helping advertise whatever it is you may need.

Video games in particular as a newer medium often times will focus on newer more digital methods to advertise themselves which can mimicked at a much lower cost than more traditional forms of entertainment such as T.V. or Movies(though both do sometimes have great moments). Something videogames are great for is putting out videos whether on youtube or elsewhere as well as creating communities both of which can be done relatively cheaply and quickly these days.

Even larger businesses such as Strabucks can have great though somewhat expensive advertising plans such as when they had manholes painted into their logo. What a lot of these larger companies are good at is plastering what they are advertising everywhere and making sure it is in face so that it will eventually become ingrained in your mind. While you will want to avoid becoming too spammy and repetitive in alerting people to yourself there is obviously a merit to ensuring people are aware through repeat and broad advertising.

Chances you will dislike thinking of advertising and the inherent self boasting that comes with it but if you honestly believe that you have a good and worthwile product for people to indulge and consume shouldn’t you want people to know about it.


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