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Another Year In Music Solutions

December 31, 2013

We have decided to take the easy route for this final music solutions blog of 2013 and rehash some highlights from our year.

Overall it was a great year for us at Red Tentacle, we kicked off our year by showing our NO ONE OWES YOU SHIT presentation at Music PEI Week, which was also featured in the fall in Calgary at NOCTIS Metal Fest before launching a brand new presentation titled 20 REASONS YOU’RE NOT A ROCKSTAR! at Pop!Talks during the Halifax Pop Explosion. We also spent a few months helping out the good people at the East Coast Music Association by providing social media management for their amazing 25th Anniversary East Coast Music Week in Halifax.

Our (near)weekly Music Solutions blog continued strong cracking 30,000 blogs read this year with our most read blog being Enforcing Your Own Radius Clause.  As always our purpose has been to provide free knowledge, ideas, education and of course, the occasional hostile rant such as articles: You’ve Waived Your Right to Complain and Placing The Blame so delicately pointed out.  In addition to our own writings we were joined by Chantal Caissie for this great guest blog Do I Have to Spell It Out for You? (which should be mandatory reading!)


When we weren’t ranting on our blogs or blabbering our presentations we were happy to get to work with so many awesome bands like Shooting Guns, Nami, Ramlord, Death Valley Driver, Orchid’s Curse, TSLCORSASZ, We’re Doomed, Bloody Diamonds, PITH and record labels including: Year of the Sun Records, Diminished Fifth Records, Hypaethral Records and No List Records. So a big thanks to all our clients!

Plus you know we love live music, and we are happy to report that we helped to produce over two dozen concerts(many partnered with Morbid Entertainment) including FUCK THE FACTS, VITAL REMAINS, TRIGGER EFFECT, THE MONSTERS OF SCHLOCK, INSURRECTION, BIIPIIGWAN, THE GREAT SABATINI, HELM, BLACK MOOR, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER, IRON GIANT, ORCHID’S CURSE, WE’RE DOOMED, DISSECTIONAL (A Tribute to TOOL), PORK SODA (A Tribute to PRIMUS), our monthly LOUD THURSDAY series and many others! (Our upcoming shows can be found here)

Thanks again for all your support in 2013! We look forward to another great year of supporting and helping musicians and independent music businesses in 2014!


-Josh & Hassan

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