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Show Cancellations

December 3, 2013

Regardless of pay or expected turnout for a show the commitment you make as an artist to play it is not something that should easily be broken. Playing a show should be an agreement that you take seriously as not only is it made between the promoter and yourself but with your fans and the other show goers as well.

If you plan to cancel on playing a show or if you will be late let the promoter know as soon as possible to give them time to either find a replacement or deal with scheduling. Even something as simple as being delayed by weather can be something important to communicate with whoever is charge of a show especially if there is gear sharing or an important soundcheck.

If you plan to cancel on a show make sure to let the promoter know ASAP even if you have not confirmed that will need to cancel so that they do not spend money on things such as ads or posters with your information on them before finding out. While it might not cost you anything to cancel on a show for a promoter there are both time and real physical costs to cancelling.

Cancelling a show should always be a last resort measure thing like being sick or personal issues should not prevent you from playing a show unless they are extremely serious.

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