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Building A Useful Fanbase

November 19, 2013

For a lot of bands, the immediate goal upon forming is to increase in their fanbase. This is a legitimate goal to have but far too many bands focus solely on their online fanbase rather than their live fanbase. Twitter and Facebook can be a highly useful means to communicate with your fans, but only after you have created a solid live fanbase.

Inviting all your friends and family to like your band on social media is a good thing to do but having a high number of followers who ignore your posts does not help your band grow. Having a smaller number of followers who are more likely to read what you post and interact with you is much more useful to you.

In particular, having Facebook fans that regularly interact with you is key as even if someone does not ‘Like’ your band, you posts will show up in their feed if they are friends with your fans. This is a great way to increase your social reach to people without having a large number of dummy followers. On Twitter the key for spreading your message to new potential fans is to see retweets by your fans.

Keep in mind – try not get spammy while trying to increase your reach. Constantly posting statuses that ask for shares and favourites only makes you look desperate and deters potential new fans. You need to earn people’s trust and interaction with you by being funny, creative, and interesting. People are your fans because they like you so make sure you give them a reason to continue doing so.


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