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Staying Focused

November 13, 2013

Motivation can mean different things for different artists. To some, writing one new riff can be seen as a good day whereas to others that might be viewed as a slow, unmotivated day. The important thing is to stay motivated and always be pushing your career forward so with that said here’s a few tips to help when it comes to setting goals for your career:

1. Write down your goals.

Yes, you MUST do this. Trying to remember what you want to accomplish will often take as much time as trying to accomplish it,  so either put a pen to paper or open up notes in your smart phone and make a list.

2. Break your goals down as small as possible.

Instead of making broad strokes of things you hope to achieve break down your goals into the smallest increments you can. For example “book a tour” is not an easily achievable goal. Each date on your tour could (and should) be broken down into small goals like “locate appropriate venue/promoter”, “find good local support” etc… Also by making smaller goals you’ll be checking things of more frequently and feeling more of a sense of accomplishment to keep you motivated.

3. Prioritize your goals.

However you do it, a scale of 1-5, or simply a high and low priority marking, it’s important you know what needs to be done soon and what can wait.

4. Dedicate specific time to work on achieving your goals.

Even one hour a day dedicated solely to pushing your career forward can make a substantial difference in helping you achieve your goals. Getting in a routine of sorts will often help you stay focused as well.

5. Don’t be scared to take a day off.

Sometimes you get overwhelmed and it seems like you’re adding more new tasks than crossing off goals you’ve achieved. If you’re not properly focused your work can suffer so don’t be afraid to take some downtime for rest and relaxation and get back to the drawing board the next day.

Although no one can force your motivation by following these tips you’ll be better able to keep your focus and hopefully continue to push your career forward each and every day.


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