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Proper Imitation

November 5, 2013

Something key to the success of any musician or career is the study of other individuals and the application of what you can learn from them to yourself. As a musician this can extend to almost any thing you do however one part where it can be difficult on deciding what to use is your live Show. Countless people will tell you exactly what you must do have a live show but something that is important to this experience is having a natural and fitting atmosphere.

Trying to force things that other bands do into your live show can ruin the interaction and rapport that your band has built up. Some people will say things “you should always have something being said in between songs” or “you should always have a break in between songs” but for some bands this simply does not work. Plenty of bands work best without breaks while running one song into the next or without saying anything and acting mysterious.

Figuring out what kind of live show you want to create will probably take some time and there is no harm is studying other bands and adopting things they do to your show as long as it properly fits. Music and entertainment are not created in a vacuum and imitation is unavoidable but the key to it is imitating things that align with your image and style.

Creating a live atmosphere that properly represents your music and gives people a good experience is far more important than making sure you market yourself correctly.


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