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You’ve Waived Your Right to Complain

October 29, 2013

Instead of my normal music solutions blog where I am a little vague on specifics, I have decided I’m going to get a little more personal on this one because frankly it needs to be said and you and/or your band needs to hear it.

This past weekend was the Halifax Pop Explosion Pop!Talks Music & Culture conference. Over two days there was 20 or so presentations including ones from Managers, Booking Agents, Publicists, Lawyers, Photographers, Journalists and a swell of others who can help your band (or independent music business) grow your career. Yet despite this wealth of information you chose not to attend? Is it because you’re lazy? (Probable) Is it because you don’t care about growing your career? (Unlikely) Is it because you are satisfied with where your career has plateaued? (Doubtful) Or some other arbitrary excuse you’ll make up to justify missing out. (Also probable)

Now it’s not to say the conferences were poorly attended because most had rooms that were at least half filled. But the truth is the rooms should have been overflowing and had a line up down the hallways. Especially because if you had a wristband or festival pass they were FREE to attend! Where else can you hear from so many industry professionals, not to mention ask them questions and shake their hands afterwards and introduce yourself for free? Hell even if the panels cost a nominal fee you should have paid it and invested in your career! Many of the panelists and presenters who attended travelled great distances for the fest and you passed up on gaining their knowledge and experience by not attending.

Bottom line, if you missed out, you fucked up! And you waive all future rights to complain about your mediocre career in the music business.

P.S. The original title for this blog was “SHUT THE FUCK UP” so consider yourself getting off easy.


I’ve added this after the fact as this blog seems to be generating a little controversy amongst people on social media. So perhaps I should have been a bit more clear in my original post but since I don’t believe in editing previously posted stuff I will make these notes/clarifications in an effort to help be a little more clear on what I was trying to say.

  • This was not meant as a specific attack at any band or person.
  • I’m also not saying that ALL band members need to attend but if you’re a local 3-5 piece band and not one single person could take off a Friday or Saturday…
  • I’m not complaining at all bands that didn’t attend, merely stating that bands who complain about the success (or lack of) and miss out on these opportunities should waive the right to complain.
  • If your band is already making waves, touring, releasing quality music, than much of this can be redundant (although I’d still argue most bands can always learn something new and helpful).
  • A few folks have pointed out that often conference topics are wasteful (i.e. how to make a Facebook fan page) or can be too corporate (here’s how you sign up for our service), etc… however in the case of this years Pop!Talks I honestly believe the speakers and topics were incredibly well curated and programmed and avoid these issues.
  • Lastly I realize a lot of our readers don’t live in Halifax so it isn’t feasible for all people to travel to attend but often (in Canada at least) many provinces have regional conferences and workshops which can help and should be better attended.

Thanks again for everyone who’s read this, shared it or commented on it on Facebook or Twitter.



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