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Supporting Your Scene

October 15, 2013

A lot of new bands will often want to be added to as many shows as possible without having any idea of how to do this. The easiest and most important thing to do to make this happen is to attend shows your band is not playing and build up a rapport with other bands and promoters. While your band may play great music if you do not show a support for other bands and the music scene it is unlikely anyone will want to play with you.

This is also a great way to help build up a fanbase as some of the most frequent attendees of concerts are musicians. Another advantage is that it can be a great way to meet people within the industry in particular promoters. If you want to meet people who might help your band along then attending shows is one of the best ways to do this and show to these people that you are committed to music.

Chances are no promoter will want to put you on a show without having seen your band before so attending other shows is a great way to invite them to see your band. Attending other shows can also help you meet bands you might not otherwise play with or know of.

It might seem unfair that bands would choose to play with friends over perhaps more qualified bands but the reality is that if you support other bands they will likely support yours. As we are prone to say “No One Owes You Shit” and this holds true even to playing shows.


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