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Down Time

October 1, 2013

A lot of music scenes have an ebb and flow of how strong they are; a variety things can cause them to boom and recede(weather, economy, tourism etc.) but the important thing is how you handle the low points. Having your local music scene lull is never a good thing but there are things you can do during these low points that might be difficult at other times.

One of the best things you can do during a low point is begin writing or recording music; if you find your band not doing much then take the chance and start recording or writing. You can also use it to practice and refine your live show on older songs.

Something few bands like to do but is necessary is general chores that otherwise may get missed, use downtime to enter all your shows into SOCAN, have your vehicle inspected or maintained, review your future plans, clean out your band space etc. They all might be small and easily ignored most of the time but during a downtime you should take the opportunity to catch up on these things.

A slow period can also be a great time to start working on a tour or a future release. Both of these things can be planned months in advance so having a large amount of time to focus on them can help them work out all the better.

While having an ever steady music scene is an ideal situation for most bands this is unlikely to be a realistic state which means you should do everything you can to capitalize on slower times.


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