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Understanding Promoters

September 17, 2013

As a promoter it is necessary to sometimes be subtle and not as blunt as may be necessary occasionally at shows. This can sometimes be a problem for newer bands who are unfamiliar with these subtleties so here are a few things a promoter may say and their actual meaning.

When the promoter gives you a warning as to how much time until you are meant to be on stage, this means they expect to see your band heading towards the stage and getting your gear ready. Rarely will a promoter outright tell you to get on stage unless you are already late to do so.

Asking a promoter what they expect the turn out to be like will always result in them saying something along the lines of “expecting a decent turn out”. A promoter will never say that they expect no one to come out as it will cause a bad atmosphere and make you less inclined to play a good show.

If you ask a promoter what they thought of your set they will always say something positive unless you are already friends or on good terms. A promoter always wants the bands to be happy and saying that you had a bad set is not going to do that and may result in a bad relationship initially; if a promoter was genuinely impressed or enjoyed your set they will let you know.

Never ask the promoter about borrowing another bands gear. They are not in charge of another bands gear and cannot force them to lend it to you, they can introduce you to the other band but you will have to ask them yourself.


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