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How To Make Mistakes

September 10, 2013

Much like life we will often make mistakes in the music industry. Some of us will make few mistakes; others more. Some will make big ones; others small. But it’s not the size or amount of mistakes that you make it’s how you will react to those mistakes and the lessons you learn from them. Here are 4 helpful tips to (hopefully) teach you to grow and learn from your mistakes.

1. Never make the same mistake twice.

  • It’s okay to make mistakes, especially early on. In fact it’s how many young bands learn. But be cautious to never repeat those mistakes.

2. Take away a lesson from each and every mistake you make.

  • There’s always a lesson to be learned. Was it something you could have prevented, something you could have done differently, etc…

3. Never blame your mistakes on others. Own your errors.

  • Even if someone else contributed in some way, placing blame on them after the fact will only further separate you from your resolution and going forward.

4. Use the mistake as an opportunity to better yourself.

  • A good person can take a mistake and turn it into an opportunity showing true character.



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