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Creating Content

August 6, 2013

Creating and distributing content has never been easier but with this comes the expected burden of frequency. From something as simple as a Facebook/Twitter account to a YouTube page or blog people will expect regular updates and infrequently updating will ensure you remain stagnant and that all but the most die hard fans will pay attention to your content. The simplest way to ensure that you have frequent content is to create a schedule and stick with it.

Your fans will expect content on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc., to update on a near daily basis. The advantage of a band is having multiple band members who can update sites, however it can also mean that the updates are poorly scheduled. With multiple people on one account it can mean status updates back-to-back and can cause them to be easily missed. Where these services will update frequently communication can be key to ensuring they are done so properly.

Content such as YouTube, blogs, podcasts etc. have lower expectations for when they are updated however if you look at the top accounts for any of these they actually update daily themselves. No one is going to care about any of these accounts if they only update every few months, the more you create the more people will have to consume and be engaged with you.

One of the hardest parts to regularly updating your accounts is setting a reasonable schedule that can be maintained over time. There is no point in setting a schedule that you will abandon after a few months. If after a long period of time and large backlog of content you take a break or adjust the schedule due to certain needs you should have hopefully built up a solid enough fan base to allow for this.

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