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What’s Your Plan?

July 23, 2013

“What’s Your Plan?”

That question might seem entirely too broad for most musicians. It is often difficult to put your scope into perspective so here are four extended “What’s Your Plan to…” questions to help you keep focused on what your plans are currently and what they should be in the future.

#1. What’s Your Plan to play shows in new markets?

Seriously, how do you plan on expanding into new regions? There are usually one of two approaches (and neither is glorious). 1. Pay your dues and travel to new markets with the expectation you’ll lose money until you established a fan base or 2. Continue to raise your profile in your local / regional markets and hope that leverage will get you on a decent show in newer markets.

#2. What’s Your Plan to build your fan base?

Beyond playing shows how do you expect to build your fan base? Facebook invites will only go so far so it is important you have a plan on how you can expand and grow your fan base and overall fan reach.

#3. What’s Your Plan to keep your fans engaged?

Sadly, this one is often overlooked but now that you have fans, how do you expect to keep them engaged and interested with your band? Because frankly posting links to your upcoming shows and isn’t quite cutting it nowadays.

#4. What’s Your Plan to generate revenue for your band?

Although money isn’t everything, it can make developing your career a lot easier, especially when you have planned and calculated a budget. So while making conscious decisions to play good shows and have good merchandise available it is also important to try and think of new and creative ways to generate revenue to help expand your career.

At the end of the day, I could probably reference another dozen “What’s Your Plan…” questions but these initial four questions will get you started!


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