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Losing The Disc

July 9, 2013

At the current time the CD is still king amongst sales of music and while it is slowly declining most look at the continuing sales as a sign that it will be around for much longer however there are many outside factors that will change this. One of the biggest is the continued drive towards digital downloads and streaming not just of music but in T.V., movies and videogames. Many manufacturers for audio CDs also deal with making other forms of discs for the various aforementioned entertainment industries. As these other industries lower their demand this will lead to increased cost in making them and a higher scarcity.

One of the biggest signals of this change in other mediums is a recent decision by Microsoft for the Xbox One console;  that being to make it an “always online” console. What this meant is that it would required for anyone using it to connect to the internet at least once every twenty four hours. The console also requires users to install the game onto the hard drive thus making the disc next to useless. Other manufacturers such as Nintendo and Sony have also started to push digital sales of games which will lead to a further drop in disc manufacturing.

Over the last few years T.V. and movies had made very clear pushes towards a digital future with things like Netflix, Hulu, HBO on the go etc. While these mediums will be more likely to cling to discs the fact that massive companies like Blockbuster can no longer survive in the modern times is a clear sign that this is not long to last.

Good or bad the fact is that CDs are slowly going to fade out and become more expensive to deal with and those unable to adapt to this change will likely fade out with them.


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