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A Call To Action

June 25, 2013

For over 2 years (132 weeks to be exact) we have published weekly blogs with music solutions, tips, ideas, questions and occasionally hostile rants and have received nearly 30,000 blogs read to date!  But that being said there comes a point when we being to start recycling ideas or doing updated versions of ideas we have already ranted about so this blog here is our two part call for action.

#1. We invite our avid readers to submit ideas or questions for future Music Solutions blogs.

#2. We ask our music industry friends to contribute a blog. We have asked many of you before to do pieces and peaked much interest however this is your CALL TO ACTION to submit a blog to ask and have it read and shared by our readers.

Rest assure we (Hassan and Josh) will still continue to post regular blogs however we desperately want to avoid stagnation so the frequency may decrease for the remaining of the summer unless of course we receive submissions from our friends or suggestions and ideas from our faithful readers.

During this time we will be working on a new, yet to be announced presentation and also setting up a download of our previous official presentation ‘NO ONE OWES YOU SHIT! And Other Inspiring Truths About The Music Industry’ which we presented at Nova Scotia Music Week, Music New Brunswick Week and Music PEI Week.

In the meantime if you are bored or feel disappointed by this weeks blog you can re-read our previous guest blogs here and see how great other contributions can be!


Do I Have To Spell It Out For You? by Chantal Caissie

Pure Rock Fury by Big James Arsenian

Would I Work With Your Band? by Rob MacArthur


Trust us, these are ALL worth revisiting!


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