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Weighings Of An E.P.

May 21, 2013

At some point or another most musicians will consider putting out a two or three song EP in between albums. While an EP can be great for experimenting with a new sound they do have some distinct disadvantages such as being unlikely to get a review or much press coverage and typically not selling as well as a full album.

One of the biggest advantages to a smaller EP is that they can be great for figuring things out and seeing how people respond to the new music. Recording just two or three songs can be a great way to test out different sounds and recording styles to figure out what you would like to do with a full album. As expectations tend to be lower on an EP you can get away with a lot more in sound change on them.

An EP can also be great for something to tide the more dedicated fans over between albums or make for a limited run that they might clamour over. You can also make more unique or complicated album artwork or casing and still charge the same for a full album because of this.

On the downside, most press has only a small amount of interest in covering anything less then at least a five song or 25 minute EP. This is largely because there is far less for them to write about and because most fans prefer to see a full album review than an EP with two songs, especially for albums they are unfamiliar with.

An EP can also have a problem of selling with fans, even at a lower price most casual or new fans are only going to be interested in full albums. As previously stated the more hardcore fans are just as likely to be interested in an EP so your best bet for selling them is to market your EP to already established fans.

An EP can be a great thing but it is something that like most other undertakings requires some proper research, planning and hard work to make it a success.


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