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It’s An Uphill Battle

April 30, 2013

FACT: The music business is a challenging series of never ending uphill battles.

Now instead of being discouraged with that fact, if you want to achieve success you need to open your eyes and fully examine things in a proper scope. Here’s a couple tips you can try to use to achieve this.


Stop basing your success based on what so called “Top Tier” artists have and instead base your success on what is achievable for the stage in your career. Success can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people but it’s pretty safe to say if you expect limos from the get-go you are going to be sorely disappointed.


For Example, set a goal to sell $50 worth of Merch at each of your next few shows. Once you achieve that figure out how to make it $100 of and continue to build on your targets. (Use this same principal to set goals for: attendees at shows, showcases, amount of press or radio play, etc)


In a country the size of Canada we have approx 35,000,000 people. If you alienate 99% of them and yet can get even 1% of them to become a true fan you will have reached 350,000 people. (Now put this into scope in countries with larger markets!)


As opportunities come and go you will need to revise and revamp your previous plans as needed. Never be scared to change or modify plans especially if it means at the end of the day your career is moving forward and you are happy with the decisions you have made to get you there.


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