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Selling The Packaging

April 16, 2013

Too many bands still have the mentality that they should be trying to sell the CD as the music, however, when your music is so easily available for free in a plethora of formats what you are actually selling is the packaging. For some artists this can mean having really great artwork that people want, for others is can be CD/T-shirt combos or other merchandise combos and others still it is having really unique packaging that holds the CD. All of these work in their own ways but are becoming ever more important to actually convincing someone to buy the physical album instead of the digital download.

Having unique artwork is going to a huge factor in making your album stand out when lined up against others. This is one of the reasons for the rise in popularity of vinyl; that it allows for larger and more detailed artwork. While good artwork will help to increase sales chances are it will also cost more money to hire a talented graphic designer. Plenty of bands don’t even bother focusing on selling the CD as a main item but as an incentive for other purchases. As CDs are relatively cheap to press, using them as a means to sell other merchandise can be a great way to increase general sales. This has the added factor of increasing the number of recorded sales you can use in things like grant and government funding. There are some problems as this is a much easier thing to do without a label or contract restrictions on pricing where you may not be able to sell your album below a certain price or pay a higher price per unit.

The most difficult but ultimately unique approach is to use something besides that standard CD Digipak or Jewel case to package the disc in. There are a variety of other ways this can be done and I have personally seen things like full metal cases, small books, circuit boards and even bags of fake blood used to house the disc. The downside to this method is that it can be more expensive and time consuming to have made but does garner far more attention from fans and media.

As with any other facet of being a musician standing out in the sea of other bands and artists is key to succeeding and how you present your album is no different. It will take more work, planning and talent to have your album stand out but in the end it will be worth it.


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