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Just Don’t Complain!

April 9, 2013

Dust the chips off your new band’s collective shoulders and accept the fact that your odds of “making it” (whatever you think that means) is about the same as winning the lottery. Now that this is out of the way here are a few tips for young bands that should provide some guidance:

  • Be humble and avoid the entitled “rock star” mentality (I can assure you I have met some “rock stars” who are more humble and down to earth than bands I’ve done door deals with in 100 capacity rooms)

  • Don’t complain publicly or online about your lack of success (no one cares and this just makes you sound like a whiny bitch)

  • Never blame your failures on anyone else (EVER)

  • Don’t berate the small amount of fans you have like they are shit (I’ve watched bands be pissed off that only 10 people showed up at their show instead of being grateful there were 10 people/friends who actually took the time to come out and see them)

  • Stop trying to act bigger than you are (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be professional but it does mean you should avoid acting like you’re entitled to special treatment)

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

Everyone makes mistakes, it happens and will continue to happen so don’t let it beat you down, just learn your lesson(s) and move forward.


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