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Enforcing Your Own Radius Clause

March 26, 2013

For those who may be unaware, a radius clause is something used by many promoters, agents, and festivals to ensure that your band is not overplaying in a specific market or playing too close to a different agreed upon date. Although the terms of the clause can really vary based on the scale of the event, it is standard to have a clause preventing you from playing in (or near) that city for 4 weeks prior to your date and 2 weeks after (if not greater).

Some bands and people in the industry feel that a radius clause has a negative effect, however, I could not disagree more. In fact I would go so far to say that your band should be enforcing radius clauses regardless if the promoter you are dealing with has them in place; simply because it is what is best for your band at the end of the day. If you play too often in your local market (for many bands the ONLY market they play in) you will inevitably get stuck in rut and more often than not cap your fan base off too soon.

Now as a newer act on the scene you might want to be a little more lax on the clause just to get yourselves out there performing, building your fans and tightening your chops, but once you cross what I like to call The Invisible Line you need to be more diligent and selective than ever on how often you perform, especially in your home market. The truth is, if you are playing multiple shows in the same market in a close proximity and you can’t seem to build your fan base and increase attendance you are either a) playing too frequently or b) your band sucks.

Absence not only makes the heart grow fonder but it also makes your shows worthwhile, gives you time to prepare, builds hype, creates excitement and allows you to plan a memorable event instead of “just another bar show”.



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