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Public Confidence

March 19, 2013

While not one to harp on about always thinking positive and other such cliché lines as an artists you should never be negative about your bands towards others. If you can’t be confident about the music you create it means you need to figure out a way to gain more or look at the music you are making and determine if it really is bad and not worthy of you having confidence in it.

A lot of newer artists will make the mistake of when asked about their band saying something like “we’re new so it’s not important”, “you wouldn’t know us” or ”we’re not very good yet” and the second you say that it’s how others will feel. No one wants to listen to or work with a band that does not have enough confidence and belief in themselves that they will not promote it to others. That’s not to say be cocky but telling people you aren’t good is not going to help your career in any way or gain you fans.

Generally the harshest critic of anything you do in your career will be yourself(and so it should be) but just because you feel something could have been better does not mean you have to let everyone else know. If a fan tells you that you played a great show your answer is thanks and not telling them you feel otherwise, unless you know or work with the person never tell them it was not good. You can make a major mistake during your set but as long as you act as if it was intended 99% of people will not realize there was any mistake.

Confidence is something that can be hard to gain and build up especially when you are new and have few fans but unless you are confident in what you do nobody else will be.  Look at any major artists in an interview, on stage or publicly speaking and almost never once will you see them speak negatively of their band or music because they know nobody wants to hear it.

If someone is your fan that means they like your music and you telling them they are wrong is a slap in the face to them and any other music fan.


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