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Showcase Solutions

March 12, 2013

Having spent the better part of the weekend both working and enjoying the festivities of East Coast Music Week 2013 I decided I would create a music solutions recap with tips for bands attending festivals and music conferences.

Blind Promotion vs Standing Out
Although I question the value of your standard colour posters when hundred of bands have done the same I do feel you need to do what you can to get people to attend your showcase. This is where getting creative comes into a play. Cape Breton’s Tom Fun Orchestra took posters to a new level with a near life-sized hot-tube band photo with their showcase times printed on it, whereas Newfoundland’s Rocket Rocketship had a member just riding the elevator handing out business card sized showcase invites with the sweet incentive a pack of rockets candy taped to the card.

What are you hoping to achieve?
Although attending these events can be a lot of fun, your should always have an agenda or a plan about what you hope to achieve and how attending a festival can help your career.

The “Who’s in the room” factor
This can work on two sides of the coin, first off I see a lot of bands decided NOT to give it their best effort due to a lightly attended showcase but the band might not realize that some of the industry people in that room just witnessed a half-assed set instead of a band doing a proper, energetic and engaging showcase! Secondly, the amount of times I’ve watched musicians and industry folks alike get a little too opinionated without taking into account who might be around to hear and not jeopardizing potential future contacts over a wrong action taken or the wrong thing said.

The “It isn’t the end of the world” factor
As much as I mentioned above that it’s important to be professional, etc I have witnessed many artist think that missing one opportunity at an industry event is “THE END OF WORLD” when in reality, one failed opportunity should be nothing more than another lesson learned in the music industry.

Keep your head up
At the end of it all you need to be in control of your own destiny, keep your head up, stay positive and stay focused on the goals!


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  1. March 12, 2013 2:25 PM

    I loved the Rocket candy idea. Also thought RocketRocketShip brought a lot of much needed energy this weekend

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