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Properly Making Announcements

March 5, 2013

With the rise of social media both artists and industry professionals seem to have blurred the line of when to use social media and when to use a press release to convey information. Using either of these in the wrong way can be a major headache for those who are receiving the broadcast.

A press release should only be used for matters that are important to the receiver. As a band you should likely have two lists; the first being for industry people and the second for fans. For example, most industry people won’t care about band member changes (unless you are a massive band), while your fans will consider this to be huge information. Something like a new video, label signing or tour dates is something that both are likely to want to receive. You should also avoid sending multiple press releases in short succession. If you have multiple pieces of news to announce in a short time frame, you could combine these to make a single announcement with multiple details.

Social media is used to convey information that those actively interested in engaging with your band would want to receive. Things such as entering or running a contest, a single show, or a special showcase don’t warrant a full press release but you do want fans to know this information which is exactly what social media is for. This is also where you can make multiple posts to update fans with information, you should also be announcing information across all your social media platforms with consistent information (though not necessarily the exact same post). You should also be reposting your press releases on your social media to ensure those fans not subscribed to your emails get the same important updates.

Much like in everyday conversation, knowing when and how to say certain things and knowing who you’re saying them to it of utmost importance. Try not to agitate people too much or they may stop listening to you.


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