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An Update To Social Media Rules

February 19, 2013

Social media is an ever evolving thing and the rules for it are constantly changing. Something that may have been okay to do a few years ago are now something that can cost you fans.  Here are a few of the more current ones that in recent times I have seen people break.

1.       Do not message all the attendees to a Facebook event. While this was largely common practice 3-4 years ago nobody wants a facebook message from you reminding them of when an event takes place or the details. They already get enough annoying reminders from Facebook itself.

2.       Do not sync multiple social media websites together so people see the same posts in a broken format. No one wants to see a hashtag on facebook or an @ tag on twitter that does not work.

3.       Social Media means a place where people are social – your website, bandcamp or reverbnation pages are not a social media websites.

4.       Do not make your Facebook page an actual account like a real person. Fan pages exist for a reason – because they work and people are used to the format.

5.       Do not post a link to something without having a preview or explaining what it is, nobody wants to be sent to some random website or video without at least some inclination as to what they are about to see.

While all these things hold true at the current time, things can change very quickly so it is important to keep up to date on things. Social media is a big of part of your career as a musician and just like any other career you need to keep up to date on the most recent standards.


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  1. February 19, 2013 1:53 PM

    Number 2 is by the best one as a don’t do.

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