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Grab Bag Thoughts 2

February 5, 2013

Once more at a loss for a single large idea that can be fully fleshed out I’ve compiled a few thoughts into a single article. While all equally as important as the full articles I write these are concise and straightforward.

1.       Randomly asking any industry person what they think of your band is often unwise. Unless you know the person in some way or they are actively involved with bands of your genre in your region chances are they don’t want to answer the question. If someone likes your band most of the time they will let you know and it they don’t then this question becomes difficult and awkward for them.

2.       Constantly posting that something “exciting” is coming soon can often get annoying very fast. As a social media post this works every once in awhile but far too often I’ve seen bands overuse these types of posts.

3.       If you plan on playing a cover make sure it is a crowd pleaser. While chances are that your fans have a similar taste in music playing something obscure or obnoxious to most people will leave a sour after thought. The rest of your set may have been fantastic but play something a person hates and that will be all they remember.

4.       When the sound guy “asks” you if you want to do a soundcheck that’s them being too polite to tell you that one has to be done. Unless you know them or the venue well then you are going to not sound as good as you should. Also upsetting a sound guy is never a good idea.

5.      With most deals the bigger you make your guest list the less money you make. Playing for your friends for free might be fun but it does not help you much if you are an inspiring musician. You should also save guest list for things like press or someone who might photograph/record the show.


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  1. Tim permalink
    February 5, 2013 5:41 PM

    A post about a bad choice of covers? How Bizarre

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