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5 Things To Stop Doing Right Now

January 29, 2013

There are some lessons an artist really needs to learn for themselves (see ‘Mistakes You Have to Make’) however there are an entire slew of music industry faux pas that I can tell you to avoid now and hopefully you’ll be able to curb making these specific mistakes first hand.

#1. Stop Wasting Time Hunting For Jackpots

What I mean by this is stop looking for the one piece of the proverbial puzzle that you feel will generate instant success. Whether it’s a battle of the bands, a tour support slot, a showcase or a record deal there is seldom ONE thing that will ever be worth sinking the majority of your time and effort.

#2. Stop Wasting Limited Band Money

Until you are making enough with your hobby to subsidize some or all of your income I strongly suggest reinvesting ALL band profits into the band. Splitting the $50 or $100 door deal your band did between 3-5 band members is a waste of your limited financial resources.  After a handful of shows you should be able to reinvest that money into promotional merchandise (buttons, stickers, posters/postcards, download cards, etc), for sale merchandise (which generates revenue for you) and to cover travel expenses to get you into new markets.

#3. Stop Ignoring Your Fanbase

Fans are the cornerstone of any successful independent artists and also vital to your long-term success. Start building your Facebook likes, twitter followers, youtube plays/subscribers and perhaps most importantly your mailing list (as facebook won’t be around forever or if it does outstay it’s welcome it will be struggling to make a comeback like Myspace currently).  Although I shouldn’t need to add this last line I will, don’t just build your numbers! Make sure to engage your fans and keep them coming back to your page otherwise they are nothing more than numbers.

#4. Stop Assuming

Never assume a back line is provided, that you’ll have a guest list, get free drinks, are getting paid, etc. When you are added to a show, take responsibility to confirm the details with the venue or promoter and ask them to advance the show details.

#5. Stop Expecting Anything, From Anyone, Ever 



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    Must not forget these…it’s easy to get caught up…

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