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Positive Mentality

January 22, 2013

There is a perception held by many artists that any and every industry person is out there to take a piece of your money and that they are essentially using you without doing work. While the bias I personally have as an industry person cannot be ignored, having a mentality like this can still severely hold your band back. Without a doubt, there are industry people who are out to screw artists out of money and do as little work as possible. However, the vast majority of industry people work hard for the small amount of money they earn and at times harder than the bands they are working for.

While undeniable that there are people out there who will and do want to ‘screw over’ your band this can be true of any industry. Allowing a few bad apples in the industry to sour your taste for everyone else could potentially hold you back by not allowing you to work with the proper people in the future. For a lot of inexperienced bands there is a good chance that the first few people they work with might not be the most reliable or reputable professionals due to the inexperience however this should be looked at as a learning experience and not a turnoff.

Sometimes a band has a bad relationship with a hard working and respected company or person not because of either party’s fault but simply due to the fact they may not have been compatible. Working with a band is often a very close and personal experience. Sometimes a manager or booking agent can become like an actual member of the band and much like the members sometimes things don’t click and you have to find somebody new. Do not be afraid to look for the right person to work with your band – just because someone or a company looks good on paper does not mean that it will work right in real life.

Sometimes the biggest problems bands have with industry people is unrealistic or unclear expectations. Far too often either side with promise or expect more than the other party is actually capable of, this can be from a variety of reasons but the easiest way to prevent this is to have very clear and defined expectations and goals. More and more bands are having to handle work themselves, just because you gain a publicist does not mean you can stop promoting yourself, while on the flipside a publicist should not expect a band’s reputation to sell or automatically gain press.

Working with anybody outside of your band on matters that can affect your career can be a very scary and sometimes difficult thing but if you manage to find someone who is serious and passionate they can make the world of a difference. Like any other relationship it can take time and a lot of effort as well as one or two arguments but in the end the goal is that a positive working relationship should lead your band and career to great things.


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