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Interview Etiquette

January 16, 2013

Preparing for an interview with press is something all artists should do but often this is sadly overlooked. Be it nerves, social awkwardness or inexperience I have witnessed a lot of painful interviews in my day so here are a few little tips to help you for your next conversation with the press.

Be Prepared
Have an agenda of topics to discuss whether it’s a new release, video, tour or anything else that has excited the press enough to take the time to chat with you.  Have a prepared list of bullet points to discuss.

Be Yourself
By that I mean be your stage persona, if you crack jokes on stage then do it in the interview. If you are serious and mysterious bring that into the interview. You want to push out the same message/brand/image in everything you do as an artist so ensure that also comes across in your personality.

Be Assertive
Even when dealing with a less than experienced journalist you can direct the conversation to ensure that your message comes across in the interview.  If the interviewer becomes  side-tracked don’t be scared to bring things back on topic. Sometimes overzealous press can be tricky but there’s always a way

Say Thank You
Always remember to send a follow up when the article is published saying “thank-you” to the publication and journalist for taking the time to help you gain exposure.

And thank you all for reading this!

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