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Pleasing All Parties

January 8, 2013

When it comes to a show there are a lot of people and groups involved that all have different interests and who all hopefully walk away happy at the end of the night. These include promoters, bands, fans, the bar, sponsors and more. While ultimately the promoter should be in charge and overseeing the show, everyone involved should be doing their best to make sure everyone else is getting what they need.

For the promoter the end goal is to make money off the show and the best way for them to do this is through ticket sales. As a band you should doing what you can to help push sales because a promoter is far more likely to help get you rebooked. You should also always make sure to show up on time and don’t be a dick; even if you sell out a show it still has to run on time.

For the bar, booze sales is the biggest concern – even if you sell out the show if no one is drinking then the bar won’t be happy. There are no clear cut methods to increase this, the best method is to just encourage people to buy even just a drink or two but the best method is to create a party atmosphere. A bar is booking you because they expect you to make people excited and put them in a mood to drink.

For the fans they expect you to bring a good a show and entertain them, they are the ones paying you to play so make sure they walk away impressed. Sponsors expectations will vary based on the sort of deal you have but always make sure to thank them. You don’t have to love your sponsor but you should believe in them enough to be able to acknowledge it on stage and keep them happy.

While you can’t ensure that everyone else will do their job right you can do your best to try and make sure they’re happy and will want to work with you again in whatever capacity. In an industry where almost everyone chooses their career for passion and joy making sure they walk away happy can go a long way at building solid relationships.


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