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Charity Work

December 11, 2012

As a band there will often be times when you will have to deal with charity events or work and like much in the music industry this can be a double-edged sword. While charity work certainly has some major benefits like helping a good cause, media attention, potential exposure to a new audience etc., it can also have some really bad drawbacks if you don’t do proper research and work for it.

The biggest hazard of working with a charity is that it might be as good a cause as you are led to believe. A lot of charities that on the surface have a good cause can have some major problems underneath the surface such as fiscal mismanagement or just being a sham. If you plan to work with a charity, research it first and find out their reputation and how they spend their money. Raising money for a good cause but having 90% of it going to some CEO’s salary ultimately helps very few people.

Make sure that you are raising the money and working for the charity because you care and actually know about them and their cause. Raising money for a charitable cause can be great but if you do not know anything about it people might see it as trying to take advantage of the charity for media attention. While only one member of the band may necessarily be the expert of the cause everyone should have do a bit of research and learn about the subject and charity.

Ensure that you can actually raise money and help the cause you are working for. While every dollar does count putting on a show or donating money from merchandise sales to only raise $30 or $40 dollars is embarrassing. No one will think ill of your band for not raising more but you are constantly posting on your social media about how you are working the charity people will wonder why you could not raise more. Raising a such small amounts of money makes it look like your band has failed and can leave a bad impression with people. It helps if you do more than just a one off deal such as giving a percent of all merchandise sales or shows over a longer period of time.

Charity work can be a great thing for everyone involved but without doing it the right way it can also burn everyone involved. As with anything else in your career do some research, work with the right people and work hard at it to ensure things work out.


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  1. LMcDow permalink
    December 13, 2012 11:53 PM

    It’s always good to research. What’s also good is to actually be INVOLVED in the charity you’re donating gig/merch time to.
    IMO, ALL musicians should have a ground floor stake in whatever their name is attached to…

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