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Awards Attitude

November 27, 2012

The Internet, cellphones/smartphones, and television have made us more connected than ever. For artists, It is easier to find and connect with their fan base. However, artists need to be conscious of what info they are pushing out to their fans. A regional award might not have any meaning to fans who are not from that region. You should certainly talk about any sort of award/nomination you receive but pushing too hard with these notifications or using them as your key marketing tool can hurt your image.

If your main argument as to why someone should listen your music is an award from a specific website or industry group it could look desperate; like you are trying to get justification or desperate for attention. Awards can be a great way to get media attention and even gain some new fans, however the smart bands will always focus on why their music won the award and what makes them good and not the fact that they actually won the award.

Pushing an award or nomination especially where you ask fans to vote gets very repetitive and annoying quickly. While your fans will most likely want to vote for you and see you win even if they do not know the award the moment you start posting about it daily your fans lose all interest. The same goes for winning an award; it is fine to post once or twice but no one wants to see your band brag about winning with repetitive posts.

With all of the previous being said it is still important to post about any awards or nominations you receive but not to rest the entire weight of your career on one achievement. Ultimately your fans will want to see you win and in some way get invested in these things as much or even more so than you might. This means that when you do make posts it can be important to explain what the award/nomination is about so your fans can be interested and understand.

Like anything else related to your band awards and nominations are never a bad thing but they are all about how you use them. Focus too much on them and you lose sight of what is important and their actual relevance.


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