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Sponsorship Expectancies

November 13, 2012

Previously we have explained what sponsorship is here  but we have yet to explain what is expected of you in this sort of deal. Expectations and demands of a sponsor can vary based on the type of deal and how direct it is. Larger deals will likely be more of a constant and serious relationship while smaller sponsors or singular ones will be simpler and shorter.

Any sponsor expects at least some recognition for the money or in kind they give no matter how small. Even if it is something like $25 or $50 for a single show logo placement for the poster and some acknowledgement at the show is almost always expected. As a touring band sponsors for individual shows outside you city are not expecting you to thanks them on stage or promote them but as a local it is always a good idea even if you did not book the show. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the promoter to ensure this is done though it never hurts to do so yourself.

For more permanent deals such as gear sponsorship or larger monetary sums regular acknowledgement and promoting is expected. Clear examples of this are drummers and guitarists having to visit music stores and do work sessions or being used for advertisements. They may also expect you to thank them at each show or put up a banner, hand out paper billets or free merchandise. Generally they will want logo or might even want to have presenting rights for your tour/show.

While no one wants to see you constantly spamming messages about your sponsors on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media mentioning them every now and again goes a long way. Any sponsorship you should like the business or person and feel comfortable with doing this so there is no reason to be wary of promoting them.

Whether large or small a sponsorship will have expectations and agreed upon actions by all parties which they should strive to complete and make work. The best sign of if things are working is if both parties are happy and in the end gain exposure or help in completing their goals.


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