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Sharing The Workload

October 30, 2012

In most bands there is a member who takes care of most or all tasks, often referred to as the mom or dad of the band. While having someone in the band capable of this is a good thing having them take care of too much can be very negative thing. Leaving one person to handle all or most of the band tasks will overwork them and it also can lead to problems if they become indisposed.

Most bands have a mentality that having one person handle most of work such as booking shows, social media, press and publicity as well as all the other tasks is fine. If it were a third party however most bands would not be fine with a single person acting as manager, publicist, graphic designer, etc. This is a bad idea for a large number reasons but one of the biggest problems is that it leaves that person overworked and unable to complete all their tasks. Often bands won’t have things like a properly updated youtube channel or twitter because the band mom/dad just does not have time for this.

Having a single person take care of so much work can also lead to big problems if they ever become indisposed or unavailable. Even something as simple as them going on vacation can cause problems as it can means that any show offers or media inquiries are not answered until they return. It also means that things like social media which should be frequently updated or responded to are not done.

Having a single person in charge of the band who is your main contact is a not necessarily a bad idea as long as the workload is delegated by them and shared between the members. This ensures that if someone becomes indisposed and unable to perform their usual tasks someone else can step in and help. Things like a band email that all members have access to or an online tool such as Bandcentral can help with this. Good communication and understanding of all band members, what is expected of them and how each task should be completed, is necessary for everyone to be able to work together efficiently and effectively.


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  1. Taran Murray permalink
    November 3, 2012 2:24 PM

    Very True words here. I was in a band last year where all the work load fell on top of the drummer and I of a 5 piece band. Juggling jobs and college and all of these other band related jobs is very hard and it eventually let to the band breaking up.

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