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Another Piece of the Puzzle

October 23, 2012

Every accomplishment you make in your career is another piece of the puzzle. The proverbial puzzle being finding the success in the music business. So as you continue along your career you will begin to gain new pieces to your career puzzle. These pieces could be something as small as a successful local show, an article in the local entertainment section of the paper or maybe something larger like being added as direct support on a touring package or a securing a manager, label, agent, etc.

For many new bands just getting started on collecting the pieces is a daunting enough task however an even more impressive feat is leaning the ability to put the pieces together. This however is not a task that most bands will instantly grasp and is often more discovered through practical trial and error.

As with any puzzle once you start connecting a few pieces you’ll quickly see how much faster the other pieces begin to fall into place. This often happens for two reasons, the first is ‘motivation’ because the more you achieve and build your career the more you will strive to achieve more of the pieces. Second and perhaps more importantly is the more pieces you receive and place, the better you are able to understand and grasp the picture you are trying to create.

The cold reality is that there are an infinite amount of pieces to a puzzle where the picture is always changing.  This is undoubtedly part of the reason many bands never do more than collect a few pieces. However a select few who are truly diligent in their pursuit will not only collect enough pieces to make it worthwhile but be will have learned the skills necessary to put the pieces together and create brilliant pieces of art.


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