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Weather Worries

October 16, 2012

In Canada (and other parts of the world) there is often a dilemma of how the weather affects what you intend to do. This can include things such as when you plan to tour or release an album to the kind of merch you want to get. While it can be a good idea to avoid the negatives associated with the winter months it does have certain advantages such as less competition from both other artists and events during this time.

The biggest disadvantage to do anything in winter is the threat of weather shutting down your event. Planning a tour or even a single show during this time always runs the risk that the weather may prevent people from attending your show. Heavy snow will always keep crowds lower than with nice weather and if it gets severe enough it may even force you to cancel the show. There is an upside where people are typically less busy during these months and less shows happen which gives you a better chance at having people attend.

Weather can even have an effect on merchandise sales, things such as sweaters and toques are likely to sell better in winter than in weather. Often times Canadian bands will head into the states with these items only to find they do not sell nearly as well due to the warmer temperatures. Even something like rain can affect your sales, no one will want to buy a tour poster or other merchandise which can get damaged without certainty of knowing they can get it home dry, this is why keeping a few plastic bags in your merch box is always a good idea.

While summer can be the ideal time to tour it comes with the problem of all the outdoor events that distract people from things such as camping, BBQing to sporting events and part time jobs. There also comes the problem of students being out of school which makes all age shows harder to do as it becomes difficult to target this audience and areas with high university population to become less populace.

Weather is something that can have a huge effect over an artist and is one of the few things that they have no control over. Using it to your best advantage and adapting to the weather when it turns bad is something any musician big or small will need to do at some point. Sometimes the weather will help you and other times it will hurt you, either way you have to acknowledge the power it has over your events.

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