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Time To Take Action

October 9, 2012

At the end of the day no one other than yourself can provide you the proper motivation that you need to propel your career forward. That said, others can always help and be the proverbial flint to your motivational fire. Here are 5 easy things you can start doing immediately to help get the creative sparks flowing.

#1. Make a List of Goals
Sit down with your band and make a list of both short and long term goals. By doing this, you will not only see where members priorities lie but also who has a realistic grasp of what is achievable and those who are just blue skying it.

#2. Assign Tasks
Now that you have a your band goals you need to create tasks to achieve them, the smaller you can break a task down the better. You will also be able to see what strengths each person has and be able to better delegate work when needed.

#3. Start Saying “NO” More Often
Too many bands seem to be scared to say NO and seem to think by doing so that it will jeopardize possible relationships. Perhaps I should clarify I’m not saying you should say NO for no reason however I am saying one shouldn’t be scared to say it if they have a reason. In fact saying declining offers for a valid reason ultimately shows you have your shit together instead of jumping at the scraps the music industry tosses you. For example, saying “thanks for the offer to play this show, however we already have a show booked this month in town and would rather not affect our draw. Please keep us in mind for any future shows” is the type of NO that shows the promoter that you have your shit together. Many other acts would have taken the show and ultimately not helped the draw of either show.

#4. Start Taking Chances
Not to contradict my previous post but every once in awhile you need to throw caution to the wind, follow your gut and take what is hopefully a calculated risk. By taking chances you’ll step out of of your comfort zone and be better able to better access situations, plus even if the risk doesn’t pay off you will have hopefully learned some valuable lessons.

#5. Say “Thank-You”
Seems simple enough but the amount of people in the music industry that forget to thank people for their help, opportunities, insight, advice and other things is staggering. Sometimes taking the time to offer a sincere thank-you to bar staff, sound techs, other bands etc… goes a long way to set yourself apart from the pack.


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