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Limiting Fan Growth

October 2, 2012

As a band you should never limit how broad a reach you have or the means by which you can interact with people. Recently I tried to look at “The New Myspace” but because of the browser I use (Opera), I could not access their website. It was not because I was missing an extension or using an out of date browser, but because Myspace as a company designed their website to only work with Chrome, Firefox and IE. As a result, I simply decided not to bother with it and no longer have any curiosity but rather an aversion to it.

As a band it is unlikely that you will have worry about something this technical. You DO, however, have to worry about things like what websites and social platforms you are on. While you personally may not like to use Twitter, it has a large user base and chances are a large amount of your fans will want to interact with you on that platform. Ignoring your twitter fans may not directly cause them to hate your music or stop liking your band, it can limit your growth and ability to reach new fans. It is likewise important to make sure that your personal website works on multiple browsers and platforms.

There are shows and festivals as well as websites or magazines that you might not consider worth it because they do not suite you and that your fans typically do not read however you should not immediately dismiss these. While there is something to be said for staying within your genre/comfort zone, living in too small a niche a could hurt your fan growth and reach.

With all the previous being said it is also best to realize what it is your fans like and dislike. Actively taking part in things you know your fans dislike or that they would purposely avoid is not likely to help you. Broadening your potential fanbase is pointless if in the same process you lose those you have already gained. Maintaining your current fans is arguably more important than growing it depending on the current numbers you have.


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  1. October 2, 2012 4:06 PM

    So aptly put. I’ve been guilty of alienating certain fan bases and press outlets because I don’t consider them to be “metal enough”. I was so wrong but I learn from mistakes. Great article, Hassan!

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