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What’s Your Angle

September 11, 2012

What’s Your Angle?

Free song stream, free song download, free album stream, free album download… Without a doubt the free trend has caught on and become widespread as independent bands continue to cling to the hopes that they will make fans by imitation.

Although I’m a firm advocate of giving away a song (or under the right circumstances an album) for free the thing that bands continue to miss is “the angle”. When established artists like Radiohead did “pay what you want” it was different, it was an angle. Furthermore and perhaps most importantly, there was DEMAND. As much as many hate to admit it, Economics 101 and the laws of supply and demand play a key role in the successes of your angle.

I’m not saying don’t jump on the bandwagon of giving away streams/downloads of songs/albums but I am saying that if there isn’t a demand for your product and if there is no angle don’t expect your FREE album to move anymore copies than your $10/CD.


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