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Contact Methods

September 4, 2012

While it might seem easy and practical as a means of communication Facebook or other social media is not a proper method to deal with new contacts or do business through. For established contacts or if pre established people can be dealt with through it but for people who do business there is always a preferred method. The easiest thing to do is always assume e-mail is the best choice unless otherwise noted.

Using social media for business and primary contact looks unprofessional  and can turn people off from doing business. This is especially true for companies or persons who contact info is easily found as it shows a lack of effort in finding this. Even if you only find an it is better to use this than trying social media, eventually they should respond and direct you to the appropriate person.

Almost any professional you contact will easily have an e-mail address or telephone number listed either on their personal website or elsewhere that they would prefer be used. For a lot it is because e-mail is easier to organize and because if you contact the wrong person they can quickly forward you to the correct person or people.

Most social media with Twitter in particular has expectations of an almost instantaneuos response if not within a few hours especially if you see someone update their status but not give a response. With e-mail getting a response 1-2 days after is not out of the normal for a business and for business people some days it may take this long for them to formulate a response or get the relevant info. For a lot of music industry people they spend a number of weeks out of office or home going to festivals, shows and conferences so they may have limited access to things and a response may not be possible for days.

Facebook is poor communication method for a plethora of reasons including it being unreliable,  people using it for personal stuff so business can get lost in the traffic and the inability to add people into messages. It is fine to send someone a quick message asking them about how to contact them or who you should deal with but specifically trying to use social media for business is almost always a bad choice.


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  1. September 4, 2012 7:47 PM

    However….. When you send that quick polite FB message… there can be huge advantages. for example. You cold call a Music Industry type. He doesn’t know you, but you have 60 friends in common. This can show instantly how connected you are in an industry. It does add some kind of credit….

    I do agree however, it is more professional to stick with E-mail address, but failing that. I don’t rule FB out.

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