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Your Complaints Will Bury You

August 28, 2012

Just like every day, life the music industry is a daunting and challenging series of seemingly never-ending uphill battles. Some you win, while many others do not always go in you favour. The difficult thing for a lot of bands to grasp is that how you react and handle those losses can define you and teach you valuable lessons for the long haul.

If something doesn’t go the way you had hoped, examine why, rather than complain. Was it something you could have prevented or been better prepared for? Was there a mistake made? Is there a lesson to be learned? If you want to avoid making similar mistakes in the future it is vital to ask yourself these types of questions. It is also important to note that sometimes circumstances are simply beyond one’s control and all you can do is roll with the proverbial punches.

There is little that is more frustrating than hearing one complain about their circumstances especially when, more often than not, they have made the poor decisions which placed them in that very situation. Instead of complaining, one would be better off focusing that energy into exploring the situation and learning a valuable lesson which would hopefully avoid a similar situation in the future. Yet there always seems to be a select few who chose to vent and place blame on others instead of stepping back and examining where they went wrong.

Success seldom happens overnight but it can happen faster when you are learning from your failures and going forward instead of complaining about your shortcomings or worse yet, placing blame anywhere but yourself. Mistakes will happen, more than most will ever like to admit, the important thing is not to obsess on them and simply take the lesson(s) and move on.


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