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Building A Team

August 21, 2012

It can be difficult as a band to assemble a proper team to support you(manager, agent, publicist etc.) if you do not know these people. You will likely meet a few local people at shows or through other bands and friends but getting to know the right people can take a lot of work and time. The internet has certainly made it easier to track down or discover people and the fact that major labels hold less power has also made these people far less secretive.

While you may even know someone directly or indirectly who has a good reputation for whatever job it is you are looking for chances are there may be someone better suited for you. This is why taking the time to research is important. One thing you can do is ask other bands who sound similar or are at a level in their career you wish to be at, who they work with. Chances are one of them will have an out of province/state business or person who better fits your sound or stage of your career. There is also the issue that if you are already friends with the person it can sometimes be difficult to work with them unless proper expectations and business roles are set.

While the internet is a great place to find these people chances are that if they work with bands similar to you or have a good reputation another professional in your area will know of them. This means you should be able to get a gauge of how good their reputation is and how well they fit. This will likely only apply to those within your own country or general region, you may find or even be looking for someone internationally and finding people you trust for references on those you have found will be very difficult.

Finding someone within your own region does have some advantages such as being able to talk to them directly and lower costs of getting materials to them(if needed) and potentially even language barriers or time difference. The internet and globalization has certainly made most of these barriers easier to overcome though it is still best to get references directly from trusted sources.

Finding a team can be a difficult task but investing the time in finding the right people who suit your needs will always be worth the investment in the long run. The people you have on your team will be very important to your career and helping it advance which is why it is essential you are selective with the building of your team infrastructure. If you choose the wrong people and they too busy with other projects, only half-interested or not suited for the music you play then all parties are wasting their time and losing out.


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