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You Want The Truth?

July 31, 2012

The truth: For most people, music will never be your full time job.

Let that sink in.

Some people say that I shouldn’t be so easy to crush one’s ambition and believe me that is not my intention, I simply hope to explain an honest fact. Much like if you went into the bank and told them you wanted to be a millionaire they would want more information than your blind ambition about how you hope and expect to become rich. The truth is if you hope to ever become successful in the music business as full-time or part-time employment you need to work hard, be flexible, set goals, make plans and perhaps most importantly, show people you have the skills to do all of these things.

Again, I’m not saying you should give up, especially not if music is your passion. I am, however, emphasizing that you need to revisit your expectations. There are a lot of people competing for jobs and an ever growing number of bands competing for shows and it is a survival of the fittest scenario out there. That means you waive all rights to complain that you can’t make it when you are putting in minimal effort and crying that you are “waiting for your big break”.  More often than not, the music business rewards those who put in a lot of time (I seriously mean a LOT: years of volunteering, contract work, minimum wage, barely conceivable guarantees, etc) so if you expect to become famous or successful overnight you are going to be disappointed. However if music is your passion then dive in and give it your full attention, effort and heart.

To rise to the top of your game you need to pay your dues, so don’t get discouraged early on, and use any failures as learning opportunities to grow. Finally, always keep in mind that you are facing an uphill battle so prepare accordingly for the long and arduous journey.


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  1. July 31, 2012 1:46 PM

    Well put josh!!!!

  2. August 2, 2012 11:09 AM

    I have over glorified making music as a living for years.Just recently it kind of hit me that in all reality, I don’t have the fucking balls to dive in full force, and that ok. Instead Im going to school to take art&entertainment management so that I can promote other peoples music with all my force, which, for some reason, seems to make more sense to me at this point in. Hopefully im not over glorifying this too!


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