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July 24, 2012

Statistics and compiled information might seem like something odd for a band to worry about but investing the time into them can be a huge asset to an independent artist. These numbers can help you realize what sort of merchandise sells best, what towns and venues you should play in again, and can even be used to help you gain a label, booking agent or someone else in your team infrastructure. Collecting and interpreting this data will take time and effort but in the end it will definitely be worth it if you use it properly.

Some bands will take the difficult task of keeping track of every piece of merchandise sold include size, price and where it was sold. This might seem extreme but it can help in eliminating those pieces of merchandise which never get sold as they are the wrong size for most of your fans or are of a design that does not sell. Once you have this information you can use it when placing your next order for merchandise. Additionally, when looking for a manager, having these details about your revenue, not to mention your organization skills, will be viewed as an asset.

Keeping track of how well your shows go and what venues work best for your band can be a huge help when it comes to booking a tour. If you have played a town two or three times and never had much of a crowd then perhaps you should forgo it and look at routing to a different city. This information is also likely the easiest to obtain and record as almost every venue and promoter will gladly give you a final tally for attendance. It will also help you in the unfortunate situation of getting ripped off by being underpaid if the promoter lies about attendance. Booking agents especially will be far more apt to speak with you if this sort of information can be presented to them

Getting these statistics has also never been easier, most social media platforms these days come with them built in. Those that don’t can easily have them added, you can even look at them all in a single place with websites like Klout and Crowdbooster. That being said collecting all this information is useless unless you actually compile it and work from it. Knowing what percentage of your fans is male vs. female is great but only if you then order your clothing merchandise appropriately to this.

Most people dislike spending hours staring at a spread sheet and working to collect this information but it can easily save you money as an artist. With this information becoming easier to discover and collect there is really no excuse for not acquiring it and putting it to good use for your band.

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