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Suggestions And Answers

July 17, 2012

From time to time we have asked on our facebook and twitter pages for suggestions of topics for us to cover in our music solutions blog. While many of these ideas have been converted into feature articles others topic suggestions are more of a simple answer Q&A answer so I have decided to compile a list of these into this weeks blog.

Q.  What are some ways a band can engage the audience and get them pumped up as bands feed off the energy of the crowd and vise versa?

A.  Being a good entertainer/performer is a lot different from being a good musician and there are a few different things you can do to help improve your skills as a performer. To begin, watch other bands perform live, see how they connect with their audience, and then put your own spin on it and attempt it at your next live gig. Keep in mind, practice makes perfect, and knowing how to read the room can also make a big difference between a successful interaction with fans and an awkward disaster. Most audiences can detect the scent of both fear and confidence.


Q.  What are some good/bad ideas on how to use social media?

A.  Good – you engage your fans into conversation and hope they’ll be interested enough to check out your product. Bad – using the “used car salesman tactic” to only use social media when you want something from other people or to sell to them. Here’s a snapshot of an example of terrible social media use that came across the twitter feed not too long ago:


Q.  Which music format is best for you (CD, dropcards, vinyl)?

A.  The answer really depends on your audience and what format they like. If you are still an independent artist and gigging often, the CD is still important. I also feel being on Bandcamp, iTunes, and other digital sources is mandatory in the present musical climate. Vinyl is also great (if you can afford it) and if you include a digital download with the vinyl purchase. Most importantly is offering a variety of music formats so your fans can purchase the way they want to consume. It also never hurts to have a variety of merchandise you can bundle with your music.


Q.  What is the best way to build your fanbase?

A.  Although this question is far too broad to properly answer I also feel that I can answer it with two words “be sincere”.



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