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Grab Bag Thoughts

May 15, 2012

Generally I find it preferable to take a single idea or topic and write a few points explaining my argument or further explaining the topic. Some things however are just too simple or small for an entire article therefore I have compiled a few of these into a single article. None of them are overly complicated but they often seemed ignored.

1. Social media is called social because that is exactly how you have to use it. Updating your band’s facebook or twitter once a week or only to remind people of shows is completely self defeating. This does not seem like something I should have to say but out of all the bands I like only a handful ever actively update and that means I forget about the others.

2. Crazy ideas in marketing can work, and the reason for this is simple. You need to STAND OUT! Somebody who works in the industry, in particular media publications, have likely seen the same package many times over. Most small publications get dozens of new albums a week, with the larger ones receiving hundreds, so while you may think your packaging is pretty and unique chances are they have seen it. Go big and go crazy, worse case you will likely get the same level of press and maybe be out a few extra dollars.

3. Have band meetings in addition to band practice. This means getting together to discuss things like merchandise, shows, gear and money. This might seems obvious but it really helps get a proper sense of the other members’ goals, ideas and overall satisfaction with things as a group.

4. Artists these days, as previously stated, have to be social; this means you need a smartphone. In today’s climate things such as interviews can pop up only days or hours before a show meaning that you need to be accessible at all times. There can also be problems touring and with venues that require you can contact other people when needed.

5. You will most likely have to book your own tour the first few times out. No band ever wants to do this and often look for an agent or other professional to do this but chances are that will not happen. Just accept it and start working on it, no booking agent works with a band that has never toured on their own and chances they will contact you when they are properly needed.

That’s about all the smaller and perhaps more trivial, though no less important, thoughts floating around in my head. This will likely be repeated in the future but don’t look towards it as a regular occurring theme, for those who want to see more of this just follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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