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Making The Best Choice

March 13, 2012

“Achieving a fundamental, long-term solution is more important than resolving immediate irritation and discomfort. “
-Sun Tzu

Many of the teachings from ‘Sun Tzu: The Art of War’ still apply and hold true at resolving nearly any conflict or situation the music industry due to its uncharted lands and hostile waters. This quote in particular highlights a life principal that many artists (as well as others in the industry) should be applying to their career.

To dumb it down and relate it to music industry the point I am trying to illustrate is “Forget about the quick road to money and fame and focus on long term strategies for success”.

Over and over again I see bands haphazardly repeatedly making decisions based on short term gains instead of basing their important decisions on long term planning.

I have a few (not so) shocking confessions to make:

  • The easy path doesn’t exist!
  • If it seems too good to be true, it is!
  • If you didn’t earn it you don’t deserve it anyway so stop your crying.

As my previous article Money Problems mentions despite what a band might think their biggest issue is, the real source is often their lack of planning and equally important is making good and well thought out decisions. Before accepting any offer, partnership, collaboration, show, etc. artists not only need to ask themselves “is this the best decision for my career?” but most importantly “what are the long term benefits and ramifications of this decision?”.

The long term gains and ramifications should always outweigh any short term ones for a decision to be a sound choice. Likewise if you need to step on heels, stab someone in the back or burn too many bridges to get ahead what little success you achieve will be gone before you ever have a chance to enjoy it, let alone appreciate it.

If you looking for the fast road to success you might want to seek the latest Hedgefund Investments or Pyramid Bank Schemes but the path of a musician or industry professional in 2012 is paved with hard work, dedication, planning and focus. So if you are planning on taking this route you need to pack and prepare for a long and arduous journey.


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